The Difference between Red Oak or White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Both red oak and white oak are a smart choice and popular options for hardwood flooring. If your home already has an oak floor and it’s time for hardwood floor refinishing, you probably have red oak. If you’re considering installing new hardwood floors and someone suggests oak, they’re likely referring to white oak. How to Determine […]

Understanding the Differences between Engineered and Laminate Wood Flooring

Some flooring companies try to pass off laminate wood flooring as the same or similar to engineered wood flooring. There are differences in what they are made from, installation, useful life and many other aspects. We want to help make the differences in these two popular flooring products clear so as you make your new […]

Wood Look Tile Flooring

As much as we love real hardwood flooring, there are places in homes that real hardwood may not be the best choice such as laundry rooms and bathrooms. There are also homes where wood isn’t the best choice for a space because of the proximity to the pool or your family’s activities. When that is […]

Choosing How to Lay Your Tile Flooring

How you lay your tile flooring is best determined by the size of your space, the shape of the tile, budget, and your personal preference. Although patterns you can choose are virtually limitless, the most common ones include the straight lay, diagonal, checkerboard, brick, and herringbone. Within these main styles are many variations that we’ll […]