Choosing Your Wood-Look Tile Flooring

Wood Look TileWood-look tile flooring continues to grow in popularity. Manufacturers have noticed and make more styles and colors than ever before. If you know that real hardwood isn’t right for your home but want the look of wood, here are some tips for choosing the right wood-look tile. Begin your decision-making process with the item on this list that’s most important to you.

Tile Width

If you have dreamed of a wide plank wood floor but know the cost is out of your price range, wood-look tile may be a great option. Although wider tiles are slightly more expensive and may cost a bit more to install, they aren’t significantly more than standard widths of six inches or less. Just remember, like any tile, the larger the tile, the greater the chance for breakage and cracking.

Wood Look

As the name implies, wood-look tile flooring imitates hardwood. That means if you have a wood species you’re interested in because of the grain patterns or warmth of the wood, start by looking at the options that mimic the species you’re most interested in for your home.

Installation Pattern

Because wood-look tile comes in many size and shapes, you have many options for installation patterns. Although straight lay is still the most common option, you can choose a parquet, herringbone, chevron or just about any other pattern that your shape tile can be installed. The more complicated the pattern, the more overage tile you’ll need and the more time the installer will require to get it right. That equates to higher material and installation costs.


For most homeowners who choose wood-look tile flooring, the idea is to get the look as close to real hardwood as possible. That means thin grout lines either close to the color of the tile or slightly darker to mimic the natural joint between planks of wood.


Everyone has a budget in mind and the more detailed the tile pattern, the more expensive your project will run. There are many great options for all budgets when it comes to wood-look tile flooring. If you want a free estimate from a local flooring company with extensive experience in both real hardwood, engineered wood, laminate and wood-look tile, call Seer Flooring. We’re a Palm Harbor based company and ready to help you transform your home with new floors. Call (727) 469-7963 to schedule your estimate.