Stain Trends Seen by Flooring Installers

Flooring InstallersWhen it comes to hardwood flooring, you have many options regarding its finished look. Today’s manufacturers make their stain in countless hues, from natural finishes to black. Some experienced flooring installers know how to mix different color stains to create exactly what a homeowner is looking for. If you’re trying choose a color for your new hardwood floors or need to refinish your existing hardwood flooring, here are some current trends to consider.

Dark Finishes

Dark hardwoods give a look of elegance to any room. They also work with many different decors. Because dark stains look nearly identical on almost any flooring material, you can more accurately predict what your color will look like than you can with a lighter stain. Of course, we’ve cautioned many homeowners about the fact that the darker the finish, the more easily imperfections and dust show!

Light Finishes

At the other end of the spectrum are light stains and natural finishes. These are especially common if you’re renovating your home with a contemporary style. You’ll want to test the stain on the same type of wood before making your final decision as light stains don’t look the same on all wood types.


Gray flooring (and other elements in your home) seems to have staying power. This trend started early in the decade and is now more popular than ever. It’s even popular enough that stain manufacturers now produce stains in gray tones. Some flooring installers still prefer to custom finish floors in gray tones. We do caution that you make sure your flooring installers know what they’re doing if you want any tone of gray in your flooring.

What’s Not “In”

Most homeowners today avoid yellow and red toned finishes. If you can avoid installing or refinishing hardwood in a red tone you’ll likely be happier with your flooring longer and get more prospective buyers if you want to sell your home.

Wood-Look Tile, Engineered Wood Floors, Laminate & LVT

It’s easy to spot trends in flooring by looking at what is available in these pre-finished flooring materials. Manufacturers aren’t going to make materials that won’t sell. If you’re looking for hardwood flooring finish inspiration, look at the pre-finished options and talk to your flooring installer or hardwood refinishing company about what you like. They will let you know the type of wood can be finished to reflect your preference.

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