Vintage Wood Flooring

Vintage Wood Flooring

Vintage takes on many different meanings for different people. Some may look at old parquet floors and remember fond childhood memories, so that’s the vintage style they want. Others walk through a historic home and see wide planks, stains, burns, and signs of its age and think vintage. Depending on what you have in mind when it comes to vintage wood flooring, there are many ways to accomplish the look in your home.

Reclaimed Wood

One of the most popular ways to have authentic vintage wood flooring is to install reclaimed wood floors. Reclaimed wood may come from an old barn or home that’s been carefully dismantled. The wood is cleaned and planed for flooring. The natural aging still comes through after installation but there’s a fantastic story to tell about the origin of your vintage wood flooring.

Whitewash Your Floors

If you have existing wood floors and want to refinish them in a manner that reflects a farmhouse style, have your flooring company refinish them with a whitewash finish. Whitewash finishes are not paint but rather white stain. This vintage look continues to grow in popularity.

Distressed Hardwood

Whether you need new flooring or simply want to turn your existing floors into vintage wood flooring, distressed hardwood is an option. If you have hardwood floors, we can age the floors by slightly burning them, denting them, and artificially adding other signs of aging. If you need new floors, several manufacturers offer distressed floors ready for installation in both hardwood and engineered wood.

Old World

You’ll find many different images when you search old-world-style wood flooring. Overall, this style of flooring uses planks of different lengths and widths. The finishes range from natural to very dark. Another installation option for old world vintage wood flooring is to place it in a herringbone pattern.

Wood-Look Tile

One of the easiest ways to have the look of vintage wood flooring is to consider wood-look tile. Although it’s not wood flooring, in Palm Harbor and along the beach communities, tile is a great option. You can find tile in many very realistic looking options. If you want a vintage look but aren’t sure hardwood is right for you, consider tile.

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