Wood Look Tile or Real Wood?

Wood Look Tile or Real WoodAs you start to evaluate your options for new floors, one that’s grown in popularity over the past few years is wood look tile. There are two main reasons for this: the more realistic appearance of today’s wood look tile and the popularity of wood flooring. Of course, if you want the look of wood, you have the option of laminate and engineered wood in addition to hardwood and tile. For comparison purposes here, we’re just going to look at real hardwood floors and tile.


There are several elements to consider when it comes to the appearance of your floors.

  • Graining — With hardwood floors, the graining is unique in every piece. Tile’s patterns repeat and, depending on the manufacturer, there may be anywhere from four to ten different board patterns to create the random look of a wood floor with tile.
  • Boards — The boards of today’s hardwood are generally four inches wide. If you want a wider board, you’ll pay a lot more. Wood style tile varies in width from six to twelve inches. If you want a wider plank, there are more affordable options with tile.
  • Finishes — While hardwood can be finished to your exact specifications, you may be surprised at the variety of finishes that tile comes in. Both can be almost any color and come in both flat and gloss finishes.

Maintenance & Durability

Some people believe tile is easier to maintain because you can mop it and not worry about standing water. Other people believe that anything with grout means more maintenance. Most good tile installation companies install wood look tile with the thinnest of grout lines for a more realistic wood appearance. That equates to minimal maintenance. Wood floors eventually need refinishing. Both are durable options; however, if you plan to install new floors in a bathroom, pool house, wet bar, or another area where there will be a lot of water, we recommend tile.


Depending on your home’s value and the location you’re installing the new floors, the resale value changes. In a bathroom, wood look tile can add to the resale value. If you’re looking at new floors in a great room or your whole house, though, hardwood floors are still the preferred option, especially in higher-end homes.

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