The Right Way to Clean Your Flooring

Flooring 061620Everyone has their favorite floor cleaning product. Some prefer naturally-based ones while others want something that will improve shine. However, depending on your flooring material, some products are better than others and some should never be used. Here are our recommendations, as an experienced flooring company, for the best way to clean different types of floors.

Advice for All Floors

First, sweep them often. This should be done daily if you have kids and pets. Sweeping your floors will help prevent scratches and keep the floors looking great for as long as possible. Next, use a dry mop a few times a week. There are many options for dry mops, but the best is an old-fashioned dust mop. A dust mop will pick up smaller bits of dust and dirt compared to a broom. From there, your cleaning methods may vary depending on the flooring material and personal preferences.

Hardwood & Engineered Wood

Because both of these products have real wood as their top most layer, they should be cared for in the same way. When it’s time for more than a light cleaning, remember that water and wood aren’t a good combination, so you’ll want to use a damp mop. We don’t recommend steam mops or sponge mops because they have too much water. Instead, try a string mop or one of the newer microfiber mops. One of the most effective and cheapest cleaning solutions is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water; one cup of vinegar to one gallon of water is a good ratio.


Tile is much more tolerant of water, but excess moisture can lead to mold growth in the grout. You can use the same cleaning method and solution on tile as you would for wood flooring, and there are a few additional options. One is the steam mop. It’s a great way to kill the bacteria that leads to mold in the grout. Most pH-neutral cleaning products and any type of mop will do well on tile flooring too.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Never use a steam mop on luxury vinyl tile or you could end up with damage like curled edges. Water and vinegar are safe to use, as are many other commercial cleaning products. Just make sure that they are pH-neutral. Any type of mop is safe. When you have a stain, create a paste of baking soda and water and apply with a soft cloth then rinse thoroughly.

It’s always good to ask your flooring company about their cleaning recommendations for your specific flooring. If your floors are damaged due to neglect or harmful products, Seer Flooring can help. We may be able to perform a screen and recoat if you have engineered or hardwood flooring to restore their beauty. If your vinyl or other flooring is damaged beyond repair, we offer free estimates. Call us today at (727) 469-7963 to learn more about our products and services.