Why Choose a Local Flooring Company

Local Flooring Company 121520When it’s time for new floors, you have many decisions to make. Not only do you have to choose the type of flooring, style and color, but you will also need to consider where you’ll get your new flooring and who will install it. When it comes to who will handle the installation, the options are numerous. While you can consider a big box store or national flooring company, here are a few reasons a local flooring company may be a better choice.

Many Options

When you choose a local flooring company you often have more style options. Home improvement stores can’t carry the variety of flooring that a local flooring company can. National flooring companies have only a few brands, and if you want something that doesn’t come in their lines, you’ll have to go elsewhere. An independent local flooring company can offer countless options because they can work with different manufacturers and suppliers.


When you buy flooring from a home improvement store who offers installation, you don’t know who will handle that install. The store generally offers the job to the lowest bidder. That can mean you get someone less experienced doing the job, which may mean you don’t have a quality installation. National flooring companies often have higher turnover than small local flooring companies. Higher turnover can equate to less experience and a poor installation.

True Consultation

Some national companies offer sales spiffs, or bonuses, for certain products. The sales people are taught to push those products even if they may not be the buyer’s first choice. Home improvement staff often cover several departments, and flooring may not be their primary area of expertise. They also don’t come to your home to guide you towarrd the right material like a local flooring company can. Most big box stores even charge a fee for the measurement which is what you need to get a quote.

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