Choosing Your New Flooring for Your Retail Business

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Retail businesses are high traffic businesses. They require durable flooring. And, ideally, non-slip, low-maintenance flooring. How does a business find the right flooring materials and installation company all while continuing to operate during the installation process? Keep in mind that not all flooring companies are commercial flooring companies. And not all commercial flooring materials are right for your business.

Start with the Right Commercial Flooring Company

There are many differences in flooring companies in general. Even more in ones who service businesses. As you begin your research, ask the commercial flooring companies you’re considering about their installation hours. Not all can or will work overnight while your business is closed. Also, find out what materials they’re experienced in installing. Ask if they can handle a job as large as you need. Once you have a few to speak with you’ll want to talk specifics about your business and your flooring needs.

Choose the Best Material or Materials for Your Business & Budget

Although we most often install just one type of flooring in a space, that’s not always the case. Some businesses have different needs in different areas of their business. For example, we recently installed new flooring in just one area of a big box store. They wanted this area to showcase a particular product line and wanted the flooring to create that separate space without walls or dividers. Different flooring is one way to do that. However, not all commercial flooring companies are comfortable with transitions between materials.

Work with the Company You Choose on a Plan in Advance

Planning is the key to success in just about everything. New flooring installation requires detailed planning in an existing retail business because there are many elements that need to be done and only a limited time to do so, especially if you’re planning on remaining open during the flooring replacement. You’ll need to plan where you’re moving any furnishings, products or displays during the installation process. You or another decision maker should plan to remain on site during the flooring replacement. Additionally, you may need to slightly alter your hours the day your flooring company begins the installation if they feel they will need more time than your normal overnight provides.

Call Seer Flooring for Your Free Consultation

Whether you’re a big box store looking for new floors and can’t close your business or a small mom and pop shop planning a remodel, Seer Flooring is ready to help. We will work on your schedule on the weekend and overnight to ensure your new floors are ready when your first customer or employee arrives at work the next day. Call us today and learn why when it comes to commercial flooring companies in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota, Seer Flooring is the trusted name. Call us today at (727) 469-7963 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation and estimate.