Wood Floor Refinishing Facts

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About ten years ago, some higher end builders started installing hardwood flooring in their new construction homes. As a result, we’re beginning to get many calls about wood floor refinishing. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that we’re having to correct with homeowners looking for someone to handle the refinishing process.

Fact #1 – There’s No Such Thing as “Dustless” Refinishing

One question we get frequently is, “Do you offer dustless refinishing?” Although there are two different wood floor refinishing methods, neither are truly dustless. The total refinish, in which your floors are sanded down to the bare wood, creates the most dust. The other process, which has many names but we’ll call rescreening, takes off the top most layers. This doesn’t create as much dust as there is less sanding. Of course, it is also a faster process. Keep in mind that you cannot change the color of your flooring with this process.

Fact #2 – Only Some Engineered Wood Floors Can Be Refinished

Engineered wood flooring is made up of layers. When the top most layer, or wear layer, is at least 4mm, it can generally be refinished. Some wood floor refinishing companies will not refinish engineered wood flooring at all. If you have engineered hardwood floors, let the flooring company you’re considering know that’s what you have before you get too far into the interview process.

Fact #3 – Age Isn’t the Main Factor When Determining if You Need to Refinish Your Floors

Although most wood floor refinishing companies, us included, often suggest refinishing wood floors every eight to twelve years, that is just an average. Many factors go into when you may need to refinish yours. Look for signs that you need to refinish yours like visible surface scratches and an overall dull appearance. If you are moving into a home with hardwood floors and notice faded areas, you may want to refinish the floors prior to moving in. Faded areas can be the result of a poor finish or a finish that’s broken down over time.

Fact # 4 – Wood Floor Refinishing is Labor Intensive

Many homeowners see the equipment available for rent at big box stores and consider doing the job themselves. However, it’s a labor-intensive process. It’s time consuming. Even if you’re just looking for a resurfacing, a wood floor refinishing company with experience will spend about a week in most homes from start to finish. Keep that in mind before you decide to handle the job yourself.

Fact #5 – Seer Flooring is Your Local & Experienced Woof Floor Refinishing Company

If it’s time to refinish your hardwood or engineered wood flooring, call Seer Flooring. We’ll help you choose the right type of finish and sheen, and, if you’re planning a total refinish, a new color for your specific home, taste and wood species. Call us today at (727) 469-7963 or fill out our contact form and we’ll provide you with a free consultation and quote. We service the greater Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay areas.