Why Is My Hardwood Floor Splitting?

cracked hardwood floor

Your hardwood flooring may split or crack for several reasons but no matter the reason it can be very distressing for the homeowner, especially if it is a new flooring installation. Because we are in the very humid Tampa Bay area, we’ve seen our share of calls for repairs due to cracks and splits. When […]

Refinishing Hardwood Floors – Calling a Professional or DIY?

If you’re doing research regarding refinishing your hardwood floors you’re probably seeing a lot of do it yourself advice and instruction online. Here are some things to consider before taking the leap and attempting the job yourself. Look Into Rental Equipment – Often home improvement stores have equipment to rent but it can be booked […]

Can I Change the Color of my Engineered Wood Floor?

In a previous blog we discussed refinishing engineered hardwood floors and how the thickness of the wood layer determines if they can be refinished. That led to a few customers asking if we can re-stain engineered wood floors. Much like the question about refinishing engineered wood floors, there is no easy answer to this question […]

Uncovering Hardwood Floors

So you bought an older home and discovered that under the old carpet was a hardwood floor. Perhaps it’s not in good shape and the carpet tack strips have been attached and there are visible scratches, what are your options? Get a Professional Assessment The team at Seer Flooring has seen it all when it […]