Uncovering Hardwood Floors

So you bought an older home and discovered that under the old carpet was a hardwood floor. Perhaps it’s not in good shape and the carpet tack strips have been attached and there are visible scratches, what are your options?

Get a Professional Assessment

The team at Seer Flooring has seen it all when it comes to hardwood flooring. We can inspect the current flooring and let you know if the wood is worth saving and can be saved. Sometimes the wear and tear looks much worse than it is and a good sanding and refinishing will bring a formerly beautiful floor back into its glory. Sometimes something that looks like a real hardwood floor may in fact be an impostor and not worth saving.

We have also encountered homes where certain sections of the floor are too damaged to be repaired but the wood is special. Some older homes were built with pumpkin or heart pine which are both very rare today. You do have options. One solution that may work If your home has separate areas and you’d like to keep the vintage wood flooring in as much of the home as possible, is to consider salvaging what can be salvaged and repairing the areas that need it from the other room or rooms. You may end up with a stunning entry and great room and new flooring in a bedroom or dining room.

Evaluate Restoration vs. Replacement

No matter the damage, the specialized flooring restoration team at Seer Flooring can provide you with an estimate for refinishing your flooring. They will also give you an honest and upfront list of cautions or issues that may be too severe to repair. Alongside of the restoration and repair estimate they can provide an estimate for replacing hardwood flooring in your home if that is your preference.

We understand there are a lot of factors that go into deciding to keep your original wood flooring or replace with new hardwood floors. Because of our experience, you can be assured that if you want the best specialized flooring restoration company, the right call is Seer Flooring at 727-785-1930.