More About Off White and Gray Hardwood Flooring

With so many new homes in the Tampa Bay area, it’s no surprise that many of these homes have a contemporary style both inside and out. For years Tampa homeowners overwhelmingly choose tile for their modern homes but now the new top choice is hardwood flooring with a gray or off white finish.

Gray flooring isn’t just a trend, it’s a design statement that works in just about any home. The beauty in choosing a gray finish on your hardwood floors is the ability for it to lighten a room, work with just about any color pallet, and its ability to to never look dirty.

Maybe never is a strong word but the more we install the gray or off white finished wood flooring, the more we love it. Homeowners who choose to have us refinish their hardwood flooring with this finish have told us that the dust, dirt, and pet hair just don’t show like it used to on their darker finishes. For families with kids and pets, scratches are less noticeable.

Because of the light tone in the finish, rooms tend to look bigger and brighter. With such a neutral finish your existing furniture that may be stained wood will pop on this clean looking finish. Any furniture you may have in a brown tone will look rich and work well with just about any of these light finishes.

Perhaps best of all, if you’re looking to refinish your hardwood flooring with a contemporary finish that looks clean and modern but your spouse would prefer something rustic and traditional, choosing a gray finish is a great way to go. These off white and gray based finishes evolved from white washed flooring in old farmhouses yet with today’s modern finish techniques they have a decidedly modern look.

Some types of hardwood are better suited to being finished in this lighter pallet. Talk to your flooring professional at Seer Flooring about your lifestyle, budget, and space and they will recommend the best type of wood for your new gray hardwood flooring. Our consultations always come with no obligation whether you’re looking to refinish your existing hardwood flooring or put new hardwood floors in your home. Give us a call today at 727-785-1930.