Why Do My Floors Squeak?

Why Do My Floors Squeak?

And how can we fix them? As a flooring installation company, you wouldn’t believe how many times we’re asked these two questions together. It’s not uncommon for floors to squeak and it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong. Wood floors that only squeak during the winter are likely just because they’ve shrunk a bit in […]

Moisture and Your New Flooring

moisture and your new floor

It’s no secret that moisture and wood don’t mix very well. If you’re considering new flooring, you should insist that your flooring company evaluate the moisture level in your slab or sub-floor. Moisture negatively impacts all types of flooring, but hardwood and engineered wood flooring more than other types. In fact, flooring issues can develop […]

Rustic North Carolina Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed hardwood timber floor in kitchen

As you know we seek out some of the most unique reclaimed wood flooring for our customers. We’ve recently obtained two batches of reclaimed wood flooring from North Carolina. Both are beautiful, but rustic, options for your home or business. 1910 Knotty Pine Knotty pine is a great option for hardwood flooring anytime you can […]

Scheduling Your New Floor Installation

Because we never want to leave you with bare floors or your home in chaos, sometimes scheduling your new floor installation gets a bit tricky. There are a few moving parts that we have to deal with. First is getting your flooring into our warehouse. Second is the availability of the right installation technicians to […]

Choosing Your Flooring Installation Company

You’ve decided you want new floors in your home. You know the type of flooring you want and have an idea of what style, but how do you choose the right flooring installation company? Just like you should do any time you hire a contractor, check that they are licensed, insured, and reputable. Although there […]

Moving Furniture without Damaging Your Hardwood Floors

Now that your hardwood floor refinishing is complete or your new floors are installed, it’s time to put your furniture back. How do you get everything in just the right place without scratching your new beautiful finish? There are a few tricks you can use while placing furniture and to keep the floors looking great […]

Dark Hardwood Flooring

Flooring trends regularly change and although grey floors are still popular, dark engineered and hardwood flooring is again gaining popularity. If you’re looking to install new floors or want to refinish your flooring, you may want to consider a dark finish for a few reasons. Beauty and Luxury The color of your flooring doesn’t impact […]

What is Overage in My Flooring Quote?

Overage is the flooring purchased in excess of your actual square footage of the room you’re installing new flooring in. Once you decide the type of flooring you want for your home and how you want it installed, your flooring company will provide you with a quote. Your flooring installation company may talk to you […]

Things to Consider About Wide Plank Flooring

When discussing floor planks, we’re no longer talking about just hardwood floors. Tile, LVT, and wood floors all come in different styles of plank flooring. The term plank flooring originally referred to any hardwood floors wider than 3”, anything less was strip flooring. Homeowners who want a contemporary look often choose wider plank floors. Fewer […]

Moving Into a Home with Poorly Maintained Wood Floors

We recently visited a home that had some pretty bad looking real hardwood floors. The home was only about 12 years old but the floors looked much older due to pets and poor cleaning habits. The new homeowner initially asked us to come out and provide a quote to buff or screen their hardwood but […]