What Flooring Type is Best for Each Room?

Every family lives a little differently than their neighbor. What works well in their home on their floors might not be right for yours. How can you choose the right flooring for your lifestyle and family so it will look great for years to come? Today’s blog is intended help you decide the best flooring for whatever room you need new floors installed.

Entry and Main Living Area

Many homeowners want their entry and entertainment space to stand out and gravitate toward a dark, rich hardwood floor. Keep in mind, this is a high traffic area that also sees a lot of dirt. When you considering flooring for your entry way(s), remember that you want something that’s easy to clean and very durable, perhaps a hardwood like white oak, hickory, or Brazilian cherry in a light or mid-tone shade as the dark colors show dirt. Another popular option in Florida is tile, which is also durable. If you have pets or kids, easy to clean is even more important!


Your kitchen is another room with high traffic but it differs from the entry as you, the homeowner, likely will spend a lot of time standing on the floors. Some people think tile flooring for the kitchen is a great solution because it’s easy to clean, however, it’s hard on your legs and back when you’re standing for long periods of time preparing a meal. Also, if you drop a dish on it you probably will be cleaning up broken glass. Hardwood flooring is being used in kitchens with greater frequency but if you have small children who spill a lot, you may want to avoid choosing hardwood floors because hardwood doesn’t react well to having standing water for any period of time. A great modern solution is Luxury Vinyl Tile.

Wet Areas – Bathrooms & Laundry

Chances are good you have multiple bathrooms each with different primary users. If you have a pool bath, we suggest using a textured tile. You want flooring that isn’t slippery and you want flooring that is very water friendly and tile is your best option. Most homeowners choose tile for all their bathrooms but natural stone, tile, and LVT can all be good options.


In Tampa Bay we rarely have to worry about getting up in the morning and putting our feet down on cold floors. Because of this, some homeowners do choose tile for their bedroom although it’s not an option we often recommend. Your bedroom should be warm and inviting. Because of this we recommend hardwood flooring if you’re looking for an option other than carpet. The exception is for the homes on the water where sand may quickly scratch the floors, then tile may be a better option.

Home Office

If you have a home office, hardwood, LVT, and engineered wood floors can all be good options. It’s likely you’ll have a chair on rollers so consider the durability of the product you choose as many of the softer woods will dent easily.

Picking the right flooring for each room in your home is a matter of taste and lifestyle. If you take the time to choose the right flooring option, it will last for years to come. The team at Seer Flooring is happy to help you with your decision. Let us talk to you and visit your home and we can make the best recommendations based on your home, family, and budget. Call today to set up a no obligation consultation – 727-785-1930.