Choosing the Right Wood Floor Refinishing Company

No matter what type of home improvement project you are working on, finding a contractor is never easy or fun. Today’s blog will help you find the right wood floor refinishing company in Tampa Bay.

Where to Start

Generally the best place to start is to ask someone you know and trust if they have a wood floor refinishing company they like. If you’ve been in your neighbor’s home and love their floors, ask who installed or refinished them. Ask them how the process went and if they were easy to work with. If you don’t know anyone with hardwood flooring, look online at reviews of various companies. Although reviews aren’t fool proof, read through them, especially the three and four star rated reviews and ones that are more detailed. You’ll generally get a good idea of how a company works and their reputation in the community from reviews. Once you’ve found at least three wood floor refinishing contractors you are interested in meeting with, give them a call. A lot can be learned in that initial call. If they answer the phone professionally or have a recorded greeting that is professional, that’s a good sign. If you leave a message, how long does it take them to get back to you? Pay attention to their responsiveness. Did they answer the phone while they were in another meeting or with lots of noise in the background? Could that mean they are too busy for you? Listen to these subtle signs as you begin the process.

Get Your Estimates

Now that you have appointments set, rate each wood flooring contractor on how they look when they show up. Make a note if they show up on time, and how they listen to you about wants regarding the refinishing project. You want a contractor who has a neat appearance because that is a reflection of the type of work they do. You also want one who shows up on time as that is a good indicator of if they will start and finish the job when promised. Finding a wood flooring contractor who listens but also provides you with feedback and guidance is a good indicator that they not only are listening but also know their processes and products.

Evaluating the Proposals

A proposal shouldn’t be a number scribbled on a piece of paper; it should include the work that will be performed, the products being used, and a price. When you are ready to choose the best flooring company for the job, take into consideration their reviews, their attitude during your meeting, and the price. We hope that you will consider Seer Flooring when you are ready for an estimate. Our professional team members will provide you with a written estimate and a timeline of your project. We want to be the flooring company Tampa homeowners choose for new flooring and wood floor refinishing. Call us today for your free estimate 727-785-1930.