Moisture Vapor and Your Flooring Choices

Most homes in Tampa Bay were built on concrete slabs. Some homeowners experience the frustration that no matter which type of flooring they put in their home, the moisture comes up through the ground and quickly wreaks havoc on it. There are solutions that can help and certain flooring types tolerate moisture better than others. […]

Textured Finishes and Your Hardwood Flooring

In a previous blog we discussed selecting the right finish for your hardwood flooring. Generally homeowners have a pretty good idea of a color and how glossy a finish they are interested in. In addition to choosing the sheen and color, there is one more option when discussing real hardwood flooring – texture. There are […]

Seer Flooring for Your Wood Floor Refinishing

It’s a fair question to ask and we have been asked by Tampa homeowners, “Why should I choose Seer Flooring for my wood floor refinishing?” If you type into Google, “wood floor refinishing Tampa” or “hardwood floor refinishing Tampa” you get more than 300,000 combined search results! Of course there aren’t that many wood floor […]