Textured Finishes and Your Hardwood Flooring

In a previous blog we discussed selecting the right finish for your hardwood flooring. Generally homeowners have a pretty good idea of a color and how glossy a finish they are interested in. In addition to choosing the sheen and color, there is one more option when discussing real hardwood flooring – texture.

There are generally four hardwood flooring textures a homeowner can choose. The most popular is smooth which is also how most hardwood comes from the manufacturer. The other options are hand scraped, distressed, and wire brushed.

Hand Scraped Textured Finish

Hand scraped hardwood flooring finishes look wavy and have deep scratches in them. Homeowners describe this finish as looking live-in and warm. One benefit to this type of textured finish is that it hides pet scratches and furniture dents well. If you have large pets or tend to move your furniture frequently, this might be a good option for you. It also tends to look more casual than the smooth finishes thus is a great option for a great room or family room floor.

Distressed or Antiqued Textured Finish

A distressed hardwood flooring finish is sometimes referred to as antiqued. The flooring is dented and sometimes burned in places to create a historic feel. The burning or blackening is often done on the edges of the boards. Once stained, the black stands out creating even more pattern than the wood grain alone. This is a great refinishing option if your flooring already has some areas with heavy dents or blackened boards as it can hide those imperfections.

Wire Brush Finish

The wired brush finish is growing in popularity because it hides the evidence that kids have been rolling toys on it and pets have been running on it.  It’s a subtle texture that adds to the grain pattern. When done to flooring already installed, it is hand scraped with a wire brush so it can add cost to a refinishing project. Several manufacturers offer wire brushed finishes that are done during the manufacturing process.

Seer Flooring can help you choose the right texture for your home’s décor and family’s lifestyle. No matter how you want your wood flooring to look, we have an option for you. Let us come to your home and give you a no obligation consultation for new hardwood flooring or to refinish your hardwood floors. Call today to schedule an appointment – (727) 785-1930.