Wood Look Tile Flooring

As much as we love real hardwood flooring, there are places in homes that real hardwood may not be the best choice such as laundry rooms and bathrooms. There are also homes where wood isn’t the best choice for a space because of the proximity to the pool or your family’s activities. When that is the case and you want the look of wood, consider wood look tile flooring.

What is Wood Look Tile Flooring?

With today’s digital imaging technology and modern manufacturing techniques, tile can mimic intricate wood grain patterns. These patterns are printed on the tile and cut with rectified edges to create what is now commonly known as wood look tile flooring. The wood look tile comes in just about every finish and many dimensions to best suit your home’s style. Grout can be as little as 3/16th of an inch because of the rectified edges. The plank tile typically comes in lengths from about 24” to 42” and between 6” and 8” wide which is larger than the most common boards found in real hardwood and engineered wood flooring.

Pros and Cons

The pros of wood look tile are that it works well when you want to look of wood without the maintenance. The many colors and patterns make the options nearly limitless. Of course, the fact it’s moisture resistant makes it a great option in the kitchen and other wet areas.

The cons are much the same as any tile product. Tile is hard to stand on and is unforgiving when you drop something on it. Tile also is prone to cracking or breaking especially when a home settles. The longer planks you choose in your tile, the more likely you are to have cracks over time. This is true with any large size tile but especially any plank tile because it is more narrow than traditional tile.

Wood grain tile is a great option when you want to create the warm feeling wood flooring evokes. Keep in mind that a skilled tile floor installation company will be able to install the flooring properly to help minimize future breakage and warping. If this is an option you are considering, call the professionals at Seer Flooring. Their vast experience as a flooring installation company will ensure that the flooring you choose today will be the flooring you love tomorrow. Call 727-785-1930 for your in home consultation.