Dark Hardwood Flooring

Flooring trends regularly change and although grey floors are still popular, dark engineered and hardwood flooring is again gaining popularity. If you’re looking to install new floors or want to refinish your flooring, you may want to consider a dark finish for a few reasons.

Beauty and Luxury

The color of your flooring doesn’t impact the price very much, if at all, but dark hardwood floors have the look of luxury and elegance. Charcoal and ebony are especially popular dark tones for hardwood right now. Paired with a light trim or cabinets your floors can be a showpiece in your home. If you’re looking for a dark color with more of a brown tone, consider dark Walnut or red Mahogany. Be sure to talk to your hardwood floor refinishing company about how the stain you want will look on the species of wood that your existing floor is.

Making Dark Floors Work in Your Home

Once you have your new flooring installed or floors refinished, you may have some minor redecorating to do. Dark wood floors work with any décor style but you need some elements that are light in the room. A cream-colored area rug or light colored accent chair can be the perfect addition to your room. Both provide contrast to the dark floors. If your windows have heavy dark drapes or blinds, consider letting more natural light into the room. Lightweight curtains in cream, white, and soft tones will lighten the room.

Reasons You May Want to Avoid this Trend

As lovely and dramatic as dark hardwood or engineered wood flooring can be, there are reasons this may not be a good choice for your home. The old adage about dark colors making a space seem smaller is true. If your room has low ceilings or lacks natural light, it may be best to avoid a dark wood floor. Another reason is maintenance. Dark wood floors show dirt and scratches much easier than lighter flooring. If you have pets whose nails may scratch the finish or kids with toys on the floor, lighter may be better in those cases as well. If you loath sweeping and cleaning floors regularly, dark may not be the right finish for you.

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