Scheduling Your New Floor Installation

Because we never want to leave you with bare floors or your home in chaos, sometimes scheduling your new floor installation gets a bit tricky. There are a few moving parts that we have to deal with. First is getting your flooring into our warehouse. Second is the availability of the right installation technicians to do your job right, and last, and most importantly, your schedule.

From there we do encounter some variables, for example, if when we remove your old flooring and realize there is a bigger issue than anyone knew about. That can require flooring repair that can add anywhere from a few hours to a few days to the project.

One of the reasons we prefer U.S. made flooring is because there are fewer shipping issues when the wood is already in the states. When we order product from overseas, we don’t know what type of shipping delay may be encountered.

Installation Process

Of course, the process of installing a floor depends greatly on the type of floor you already have, the flooring material you’re having installed, and how big an area your new floor installation covers. There are steps that need to be done in any floor installation so let’s start there. We’ll assume if you’re having wood flooring installed that it’s already acclimated to your home.

There are rare occasions where existing flooring doesn’t need to be removed but we’re going to assume that your floor isn’t one of those instances. Once we remove the old floor we’ll check that the sub-floor is sound and make any repairs necessary. Two of the things we check in this process is if the sub-floor is level and dry. Moisture can destroy wood flooring and cause problems with installation of laminate and tile flooring. If your existing floor isn’t level, the reason should be investigated and repairs should be made, especially if it is an issue with your foundation.

The next steps depend on the type of flooring. Engineered wood floor installations typically include some sort of underlayment. If you’re looking to quiet the sound of hardwood flooring, your installer might lay an insulative layer. Tile flooring installation begins by laying out the tile with the spacers. As you can see the installation process after the preparation differs dramatically. Every type of flooring has a set time, which is the time you should avoid walking on it. Your flooring installation company should provide that information prior to beginning their work so you can plan accordingly.

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