Great Applications for COREtec® Premium Engineered Flooring

For those of you who’ve followed our blog for a while, you probably realized that we love hardwood flooring, refinishing hardwood flooring, and engineered wood floors over most other materials. With that being said, there are great applications for COREtec® flooring. We know that wood isn’t right for every application so today we wanted to share great places to install COREtec.

coretec plus install floridaRental Homes

If you have a rental home and are tired of replacing the flooring after every tenant, consider COREtec. The next time you need to replace the flooring, this is a great option because of the multiple styles available and its durability. If you want the home to look like it has wood floors, choose one of their plank styles. If tile better suits the home, your prospective tenants will love the look and comfort of COREtec Plus Tile. The added benefit is that you will only have to replace your flooring every four or five tenants, which will save you money. As they say in their promotional material, “100% Kidproof, 100% Waterproof, & 100% Petproof” making it perfect for tenants.

Pool and Guest Houses

If you have a pool or guesthouse and want waterproof flooring, this is the product for you. A pool house sees a lot of traffic and much of it is wet. Because of the construction and installation of COREtec, it can withstand water without warping or peeling. If your pool house is more of a guesthouse, you want your guests to feel comfortable. The core structure and cork underlayment make standing on a COREtec Plus™ floor easier on legs and backs than tile or other hard materials.

Physicians, Pharmacies, and Dental Offices

Although many different businesses would benefit from COREtec Flooring, pharmacies, doctors and dentists really benefit for two reasons. First is the need for an easy to clean flooring material. During cold and flu season, some doctors find that they need to mop floors more than just once a day. The repeated moisture from accidents or from the mop needed to clean up won’t harm the flooring, no matter how often it’s cleaned. Pharmacists spend nearly the whole shift standing or walking. Doctors and dentists also spend a lot of time on their feet walking between exam rooms and appreciate the softer nature of the floors over tile or linoleum.

If you’re looking for a strong, durable, and waterproof flooring material for your home or business, call Seer Flooring and ask about COREtec®. We’re an experienced flooring installation company for COREtec so you can be assured your flooring will be installed correctly and last for years to come. Our estimates for any type of new flooring or wood floor refinishing are always free and done in the comfort of your home or office. Call (727) 785-1930 today to schedule your free appointment.