Choosing a Quality Flooring Installation Company

When you are ready for new flooring, whether tile, engineered, or hardwood flooring, the right flooring installation company will ensure your floors look great and last. As you talk through the details regarding your new floor’s installation, make sure your flooring installation company does these three things.

choosing quality flooring installation company tarpon springs1. Visually Inspects Your Subfloor

If your subfloor isn’t sound, your new flooring won’t be either. Although repairing or replacing all or part of your subfloor is an additional expense, it’s important to do before your new flooring goes down. The reasons your subfloor may have issues varies. The most common is when your home settles, your subfloor may buckle or have other issues. Sometimes water damage from a window or roof leak can cause a wooden subfloor to warp.

Even concrete subfloors can have problems. Things like cracking and pitting are common issues your flooring installation company should address prior to installing your new floors. If your home had a sinkhole or other settling issue, your concrete subfloor may need attention.

2. Verifies Your Floor is Level

It’s easy to visually check for some issues with the subfloor, but it’s another matter to see if it’s level. If your subfloor isn’t level, your flooring won’t be either. A good flooring installer will use a level to confirm that yours is even and flat. Although it’s rare for an entire floor to be perfectly level, every type of flooring can withstand a different degree of variance. Tile and wood flooring are two of the least forgiving when it comes to installing on an uneven surface.

If your subfloor slope is significant, you and your flooring company should determine why. One of the most common reasons is an issue with your foundation. Foundation issues should be addressed prior to the installation of your new floors.

3. Checks for Moisture

Although new floors shouldn’t be installed without any of these three, checking for moisture is the most important check your flooring installation company can do. No matter what type of flooring you’re having installed, a moist subfloor can mean big issues. In engineered and hardwood flooring, you may experience warping, buckling, delamination, cupping, and even issues with your finish. With tile, laminate, and LVT, you may have issues with the flooring adhering to the subfloor.

Just because you have a moisture issue, doesn’t mean you can’t have new flooring. It just means your flooring installation company needs to install the right barrier for your flooring type. If the moisture is excessive, they may advise against one type of flooring and guide you to another so that your new flooring lasts, looks great, and performs as it should.

When you call Seer Flooring as your flooring installation company, you’ll find we do a complete check before we install your new floors. We want you to be happy with whatever flooring type you have in your home. Call us today at (727) 785-1930 to schedule your free consultation for new floors for your home or business.