Hardwood or Engineered Wood for Your Commercial Flooring

You’ve decided you want the look of wood flooring in your business because of the warm feel wood floors evoke. Although the purpose of residential and commercial wood flooring is essentially the same, there are some big differences. A home may have people in and out, but it doesn’t see the traffic that an office or storefront does. Even the way the floors are treated is different. In a home, you may only clean your floors once a week, in a commercial space, daily cleaning is often necessary. And if we’re honest, we may not wipe up those few drops of spilled coffee in the office where we would do it at home. Because of this, there are several reasons to carefully consider your commercial flooring options before making a final decision.

Why Not Hardwood

Of course, hardwood flooring functions the same no matter where it is installed. However, there are reasons it isn’t the best commercial flooring option for most business. One of the primary reasons is because of office equipment. If the company has heavy equipment sitting on the flooring, no matter which hardwood you choose, it’s likely going to dent from the weight. Because employees and customers won’t take the time to carefully wipe debris from their shoes, you’re going to see a lot more scratches sooner in your hardwood than you may at home. Lastly, because it needs to be cleaned more often, and as we mentioned the lack of care employees may give your flooring, it may sustain water damage more quickly than hardwood in a home. Unless you are looking to install reclaimed hardwood flooring or distressed hardwood and want the character that dents and stains bring, hardwood likely isn’t your best commercial flooring choice.

Commercial Engineered Wood Flooring

Many engineered wood floor manufacturers make a line specifically suited for commercial applications. Commercial engineered wood has a greater wear layer than residential that better resists scuffs and scratches. Because commercial grade engineered wood flooring is constructed from layers of veneers and backing, it is made to stand up to pressure incurred by heavy machinery and furniture. Commercial engineered wood floors stand up better to moisture, chemicals and traffic than hardwood or residential engineered wood products.

There are many other commercial flooring options depending upon your business, traffic and budget if you decide hardwood or engineered wood flooring isn’t right for you. If your office needs new flooring, the experts at Seer Flooring can help guide you to a product that will look great and perform well. Call to schedule your free estimate for your commercial flooring today – 727-785-1930.