When Should I Consider Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tile is slightly different from ceramic in both composition and strength. Manufactured from a sand-like material using heat and pressure, porcelain is both stronger and denser than ceramic tile. The Tile Council of North America differentiates these two tiles based on the amount of water absorption, with ceramic tile being one that absorbs more water. The Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) is the regulatory agency designating if a tile is porcelain or not.

When Should I Consider Porcelain Tile?

Any application where you are considering installing tile can have porcelain tile. However, when you are considering tile flooring for any space that is especially prone to getting wet, porcelain is a better choice than ceramic. This is because it is nearly waterproof. Kitchens, laundry and mudrooms, and bathrooms should have porcelain tile because standing water is more likely to occur in these rooms. Also, the only type of tile you should consider for an outdoor space is porcelain.

Because it is denser, it is also a better choice for high traffic areas. Most porcelain is also the same color and pattern through the entire tile so a chip will be less noticeable in a porcelain tile over a ceramic one. Some homeowners report that porcelain tile doesn’t get as cold in winter months which may be a reason to choose it over another type of tile.

Ideally, your budget won’t dictate which type of tile you choose. Porcelain will usually be more expensive than ceramic tile. The difference in price is due to the different manufacturing process and make-up of the tile itself.

Benefits of Tile

Tampa Bay area homeowners often choose tile because of its easy maintenance. Many cleaning products are safe for tile and in the case of spills, wiping up with a towel usually does the job no matter what spills. Tile’s durability is well known and one of the many reasons this may be the right choice for your home. Because of the many different types and styles of tile, it is available in all price ranges.

If you’re unsure as to which tile type is best for your application, Seer Flooring can help. Our professionals will evaluate your space, family, and budget to help you choose tile that you will love as long as you are in your home. As a professional tile installation company, we have the tools and knowledge to install porcelain tile. Contact us today at 727-308-3720 to schedule your free in-home consultation.