Grey … a Popular Option for Today’s Floors

grey wood flooring east lake tarpon springs

Grey finishes are very popular throughout the country, but especially so in Florida. The lighter tones work well in homes that are decorated in a beach house style, and white and grey harmonizes with the sand just outside our doors. Many older homes built in the mid-1900’s have original hardwood floors. They are full of character and the streaked grey finish brings out the grain pattern.

Why Choose Gray Finish for Your Hardwood Flooring?

Grey or off-white finishes have many advantages and can be applied to nearly any type of wood. Some of the reasons you might want to consider a grey tone for your new hardwood floors:

  • Neutral color palette – whether you choose a true grey or whiter finish, it will work with nearly any existing wall, furniture or cabinetry in your home.
  • Hides scratches – due to the light and streaked nature of this finish, you are less likely to see surface scratches in this finish as compared to solid dark finishes. It hides dust well too!
  • Rooms look bigger – most grey floors are lighter than the traditional dark stains. The lighter the finish, the brighter and larger the space will appear.
  • Adds dimension – when you choose a grey or white finish, a flooring expert will layer the different tones to give you just the right look. The different grey tones add more dimension to the floors than a single color stain.

grey wood flooring east lake tarpon springs

Your Perfect Grey

Seer Flooring can install real hardwood and custom finish it in a variety of grey or off-white styles. If you already have wood floors, we can look at refinishing your flooring with a custom palette. If you’re looking for something that is pre-finished, we have a wide selection of engineered wood flooring and wood plank tiles in many different grays and off-whites. We can refinish or restore them even if they have had years of neglect.

Grey can be a great flooring choice for your home. Let us take a look at your existing hardwood floors or share with you what new wood flooring would look like in your home. We can discuss the many options in this color palette. Contact Seer Flooring for an in-home consultation and one of our flooring experts will guide you to the right finish for your hardwood flooring.