Best Hardwood Flooring for Pet Owners

With nearly sixty percent of Americans owning a cat or dog, it’s no surprise that we’re asked regularly about the best flooring for pets. If you have a dog or cat and really want hardwood for your new floors, there are some good options. There isn’t a hardwood option that won’t show some scratches or that is impervious to the occasional pet accident, but there are hardwoods and finishes that are better than others.

Type of Wood

There are two things you want to look at when choosing a hardwood for your new floors. First, the hardness of the species of wood you’re considering and second, the grain. When you choose a wood, find one that is high on the Janka scale. This rates all wood on a level of its hardness. Some good choices that fit many budgets are Oak, Hickory, Ash, and Maple.

hardwood petsGraining

The more pronounced the grain texture, the less pet scratches show. This is because the scratches are more likely to blend in or be disguised by a busier grain pattern. Oak and Ash both have great grain texture. Hickory is often described as having a rich texture and stands up well to high traffic in homes that have multiple kids and pets.


The right finish can also help hide pet scratches. The best finish is wire brushed or choose a rustic or distressed look floor. One excellent option is reclaimed hardwood flooring. The worn look is part of the beauty, and if your pet adds a few more scratches or dents, it will appear as part of the charm of the reclaimed wood.

Choosing the right stain and sealant can help too. If you choose a natural color stain, a scratch won’t show as deeply because the stain and the wood are similar. Matte finishes also help hide imperfections because they aren’t as reflecting of light like a higher gloss finish.

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