Choosing Your Floor’s Stain Color

Unlike paint where you can get several samples and put it up on the wall, choosing the right stain for your floor can be a bit more difficult. The stain you choose for your hardwood flooring is a bigger commitment because it can’t just be painted over like your walls. Going into the finishing or re-finishing process, you need to decide if you’re choosing something safe and seller friendly for a near-future sale or if you want to choose something you’ll truly love while you live there. Here are three steps to take to help you get to the right finish color for your hardwood floor refinishing or new flooring.

1. The Wood Mattershardwood floor refinishing

Not all stain looks the same on all wood species. For example, if you use the same stain and process on red oak and a white oak flooring, they look different. Red oak itself has a pinkish hue which influences the final look, especially with lighter stains. You’ll never be able to stain a dark hardwood a light blonde color so if you’re installing a new floor, having an idea of the finished look you want will help you choose the right hardwood.

2. Look at Your Existing Décor

If you have hardwood throughout and this is a hardwood floor refinishing project, look at how the current finish makes the room feel. Is it too dark and does it make the room feel small? That’s a clue that you might want to go with a lighter finish. If you are adding hardwood flooring throughout your home and you have ash or light kitchen cabinets, you may want to choose a stain that compliments but doesn’t match your cabinetry. You can also think about your furnishings. How will they look on different color floors? Of course, your furniture can be changed but if you love what you have, you might want to think about it before you commit to your new floor color.

3. Your Family, Lifestyle and Space

If you have pets who shed, a dark finish will show every hair much more than a lighter finish. Darker stains tend to show dust more than lighter finishes. If you’re not one to sweep or mop every day or two, lighter stain colors are a better choice. Rooms with little natural light or that are small will look darker and smaller if you choose a dark stain.

Of course, the color you choose for your new hardwood floors or hardwood floor refinishing is ultimately a personal decision. If you’re looking for expert guidance and a company with experience in both hardwood floor refinishing and installing new floors, call Seer Flooring. Call us today at (727) 785-1930 or fill out our contact form.