What Goes into a New Flooring Estimate?

Some flooring companies offer free in-home estimates while others ask for the room’s dimension and provide an estimate but don’t guarantee that price until after you’ve signed a contract. It’s logical that the actual cost of the material is included in the new flooring estimate, but your flooring company will need to account for additional material for overage, the packaging of the flooring material, and installation.

Size and Shape of the Room

The biggest influenceWhat Goes Into a Flooring Estimate? is the size and shape of the room. A square or rectangular room requires less overage than an oddly shaped room. That means in a typical 10 X 12 rectangular office with no closet, you’ll need about 132 square feet of material. However, a room that has many corners and odd angles will require as much as 20% overage to ensure enough flooring for the entire installation. The installation pattern may also increase the overage you need.

Material Packaging

No matter what type of flooring you choose, it comes prepackaged. If you choose tile flooring, look at the box and see how many square feet it covers. Your flooring company will determine how much you need including overage, and then you’ll have to purchase enough to cover the entire floor. That may mean that you’ll have several full pieces of tile left over, but it’s better to get enough with the same production number than go back weeks later and try to match your tile. The same goes for laminate flooring that comes packaged to cover a certain square footage. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is one of the few flooring types that isn’t prepackaged.


There are several factors that go into the installation portion of the estimate. For example, repair to your subfloor. If you choose a large format tile, installation may require two installers which will increase your installation costs. The flooring pattern you choose for your new tile, laminate, or hardwood flooring will also factor into the cost. The more complicated a pattern, the more time it will take to install.

These are the three biggest elements that influence your new flooring estimate. When you choose a reputable installation company, they should include an installation warranty at no additional charge. Before you sign a contract, ask what the flooring company includes in your estimate. This will help you avoid surprises at the end of the job. Seer Flooring installs tile, engineered wood, LVT, and hardwood flooring. Our in-home estimates are always free and we guarantee our installation. Call (727) 785-1930 to schedule your appointment today.