The Wear and Tear of Hardwood Flooring

When your hardwood flooring was first installed, it was beautiful. Over time it’s developed some scratches and other imperfections. Now you’re trying to decide if you want to call a hardwood floor refinishing company or live with the imperfections. There’s no right or wrong answer but if yours are just starting to show their age, here are some tips that may help you put off the need to refinish your floors just a little longer.

Wear and Tear HardwoodRugs and Runners are Your Friends

When you put a rug down in the high traffic areas you will prevent further damage in those areas. There are many reasons scratches happen and the dirt and debris on your shoes is one of them. Having a rug or mat at your entry area will help you and your guests remove sand and rocks from your shoes that scratch your floor’s finish. Completely removing your shoes will further reduce the wear on your floors. Just be sure to use a high-quality carpet pad to best protect your floors. (As a bonus it will also extend the life of the carpet!)

Pets and Furniture

Your pets’ nails easily scratch and may even dent some hardwood floors. Keeping them trimmed will help reduce further damage. If you really want to repair their scratches, talk to your hardwood floor refinishing company and they can let you know if the damage can be repaired with a sandless refinish or if you’ll need a more complete process.

As for furniture, every leg should have a protective pad on it. The pad will help prevent scratching. It won’t completely prevent dents, especially in softer wood. If you want to avoid dents in your hardwood flooring, consider an area rug and pads on the legs of your furniture.


Simply sweeping your hardwood regularly will remove a great deal of the sand, dirt and dust that cause scratches on your floors. Mopping them with a damp mop will further remove dirt. Taking care of your floors and using the right products makes a difference in how long the finish on your hardwood looks great.

Once the time comes to call a hardwood floor refinishing company, Seer Flooring is ready to help. We offer many processes and can refinish both real hardwood and engineered wood flooring. Call us today at (727) 785-1930 or fill out our contact form for your free refinishing estimate.