Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing New Flooring

There are a lot of things you should consider before choosing new flooring. Of course, for many homeowners, budget and choosing the right flooring installer are two of the biggest decisions. Beyond that, we recommend you ask yourself these questions before you make your purchase.

choosing flooring1. How Long Do I Want the Flooring to Last?

Some homeowners like to change their flooring as often as they paint their walls. If that sound like you, you may want to choose an engineered floor or other lower cost material. Although the material may not last for decades like hardwood or tile, it is a good option if you don’t want to feel like you’re committed to it for that long. On the other hand, a quality hardwood can be refinished and stained different colors multiple times so if you love the look of hardwood but aren’t sure what color you want forever, it’s a safe choice.

2. Am I Planning on Selling My Home in the Next 3-5 Years?

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, look at what other homes in the area similar to yours that have sold have for their flooring. That’s usually a good indication of what buyers want. Most buyers prefer hardwood over engineered wood and laminates. Depending on your home’s proximity to the sand and water, tile might be a good choice too.

3. How Will My Lifestyle Impact My Flooring?

If you have pets and small children, choosing a high gloss tile that looks expensive may be dangerous to them. On the other end of the spectrum, some hardwood flooring is soft. It can easily scratch and dent easily with pet’s nails and riding toys. Kids who play on the hardwood may spill water and pets have accidents. A more water resistant and strong floor might be a better option for your family’s lifestyle.

4. Do I Want One Type of Flooring Throughout My Home?

If you do, and you want something with limited availability such as reclaimed hardwood or even an engineered wood floor, you need to order as much as you need to floor your entire home. Once a batch of flooring is gone, it’s gone and you may not be able to match it even if the manufacturer says it’s the same color and pattern. If you want the same floors throughout your home, talk with your flooring installer about your plans and make sure to purchase the right quantity now.

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