Signs it’s Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Refinishing CompanyNow that the holidays are over and you’ve put your furniture back where it belongs, you may have noticed that your hardwood floors aren’t looking as great as they once did. One of the benefits of hardwood flooring is that you can refinish it when it’s scratched or looks dull. Here are some signs it may be time to call a hardwood floor refinishing company to discuss your options.


Did you move your area rugs to put your Christmas tree up and noticed the floor has actually faded? This is one of the most common signs people see which indicates it may be time to refinish their floors. Often this is discovered when they want to replace any area rugs or move furniture around. Although the wood itself isn’t in any danger, it doesn’t look good. Most of the time damage from fading can be remedied with a simple rescreening rather than a total refinish.

Excessive Scratches

Although it’s nearly impossible to prevent scratches, most people use area rugs and keep their floors clean in an attempt to avoid damage. However, when you notice the scratches more than you notice a lovely hardwood floor, you need to have your floors refinished. If this describes your home, you probably want to call your hardwood floor refinishing company and ask if you’ll need a total refinish or if the scratches are only on the surface and can be fixed with a rescreen.


Don’t mistake parts of boards or areas of your floor turning gray (or worse, black!) as normal or just fading. Typically, when boards start to turn gray, the polyurethane layer protecting the floors has worn off. This leads to the boards absorbing water, and we all know how quickly water can damage hardwood floors. This can usually be repaired through the rescreening process unless it covers a significant area of your flooring or if your stain is very light. If this is the case, then you may need a total refinish. Again, your hardwood floor refinishing company can provide you with a professional assessment.

The Water Test

Wood floors aren’t meant to handle standing water, but they should still resist small drops like condensation off a glass or small spills. When the protective layer of your floor wears, it can no longer resist water. If you have areas you think look worn, pour about a tablespoon of water on the area. The water should stay together in a bead or several droplets, indicating that your floors are still protected. If, however, the water seeps into the wood, you need a hardwood floor refinishing company to refinish your floors.

Seer Flooring offers both total hardwood floor refinishing as well as rescreening depending on your needs. We provide a professional evaluation and free estimates. We can also look at your engineered wood floors and let you know if they can be rescreened or refinished. Trust Seer Flooring when you need a hardwood floor refinishing company anywhere in the greater Tampa Bay area. Call (727) 469-7963 to schedule your no obligation appointment.