Things to Know About Wood Floor Refinishing

Things to Know About Wood RefiinishingIf your wood floors are dull and scratched, you may consider refinishing as an option. Homeowners often seek to solve several issues with their wood flooring through refinishing, and sometimes it can be difficult to know what information is accurate and what is not unless you are working with a wood floor refinishing company you can trust. As your trusted wood floor refinishing experts, we want you to have this information as you consider refinishing.

There’s No Such Thing as “Dust Free” Refinishing

If you’ve ever used sandpaper or even filed your nails, you know these processes create dust. Admittedly there are two refinishing processes, and one creates more dust than the other. But, any time a customer calls us for a second opinion and asks if we have dustless or dust-free wood floor refinishing, we do note the reality: “dust free” refinishing is not possible if they want their floors refinished. Some companies may apply a polyurethane sealant on top of your floors which doesn’t create dust, but that is resealing, not refinishing.

Compare Apples to Apples—There are Two Refinishing Processes

As you compare quotes from floor refinishing companies, make sure you’re comparing quotes for like services. There are two types of refinishing. One is called a total refinish. This is where your floors are stripped down to the bare wood. This is the process that creates the most dust. However, it’s also the process where you can change the stain color on the flooring. You can also remove deeper scratches from the floors through a total refinish.

The other process is sometimes called rescreening. It may also be called buffing. Either term references the same process. First, a buffer with a screen on it scuffs up your flooring. Then the flooring company puts down polyurethane to refinish your floors and give them back their shine. Although surface scratches are removed, deeper scratches will remain.

Some Engineered Wood Flooring Can Be Refinished

The reason we say some and not all engineered wood flooring may be refinished is because it depends greatly on the type of refinishing process you’re looking for and the wear layer on the boards. Quality engineered wood floors can often be totally refinished down to the bare wood. Some with fewer wear layers or those that have already been refinished once may not be able to be refinished. Generally, wood floor refinishing companies can do a rescreening for engineered wood flooring.

If you are interested in refinishing your engineered or hardwood flooring, call Seer Flooring. We have vast experience in refinishing and rescreening. We will provide you with our expert opinion as to which process will give you the results you want within your budget. Call us today at (727) 469-7963 or fill out our contact form for your free estimate and consultation.