Pros & Cons of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished hardwood flooring 061621Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options for families replacing their floors. Its beauty and longevity is hard to match with synthetic products. However, after installation there is a time period that requires careful management. You may need to stay off of new hardwood flooring or keep rugs and furniture in another room until the flooring is considered durable enough for every-day use. If this would be a concern for you, prefinished hardwood flooring may be the right choice for your new floors.

Reasons to Choose Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Like luxury vinyl tile, engineered wood, and other flooring that comes finished, prefinished hardwood flooring can be installed and walked on the same day. There’s almost no dust and very little odor in the home as compared to hardwood finished onsite. Assuming you choose a quality product, you will likely have a much stronger topcoat. This may also look great longer because it can resist scratches better than any topcoat applied in your home.

Other Considerations

Some people may find some characteristics of prefinished hardwood flooring to be challenging. Here are a few reasons this may be the case:

  • It’s generally more expensive than similar hardwood finished onsite.
  • There are fewer options. When you buy unfinished hardwood and have your flooring company finish it, you can choose exactly what you want for your stain and sheen.
  • Although it can be refinished if needed, the process is more labor intensive and takes more time.

A rare, but possible issue, is minor height variations in the boards. These differences are not eye-catching or hazardous, but you may notice this if you run your hands over the floor. This is because unlike unfinished hardwood, which is installed before sanding, prefinished hardwood flooring is installed after sanding.

Quality Materials & Expert Installation

Whether you choose prefinished hardwood flooring or unfinished hardwood flooring for your flooring company to finish onsite, if you start with an inferior material, you won’t love your new floors. Of course, the experience of the installers also makes a difference. When you trust Seer Flooring with your new flooring installation, you can be assured that our team of installers will do the job right so your new floors look great. We recommend products from quality mills and can guide you to the right species and installation pattern for your home.

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