Choosing Your Tile Flooring Installation Pattern

Tile Floor Installation PatternsThroughout Florida, tile flooring remains a popular option for every room. It stands up well to water, lasts for years, and comes in many style options. You may think that once you’ve finally found the tile that you want, the rest will be easy. However, this is just the beginning! You will also need to choose a tile flooring pattern for installation to carry out your vision for your home.

The installation pattern you choose is partially determined by the shape of your tile. Keep in mind both the size and shape of the room and the size and shape of the tile as you make your decision. Square and rectangle tiles are the most popular tile shapes and have the most installation pattern options.

Rectangular Tile Options

The number of options you have for your tile installation will depend heavily on the proportion of the tiles. Wood-look tile is almost always installed similarly to wood flooring installation. Other rectangle proportions allow for various other options. These may include:

  • Grid (either vertically or horizontally)
  • Offset (sometimes called staggered brick)
  • Herringbone
  • Chevron

You can also create a random pattern if you’ve chosen a tile pattern that comes in multiple sizes. Your options are nearly limitless when it comes to a tile flooring pattern with rectangle tiles.

Square Tile Options

Although many believe there are only two options when it comes to square tile installation, such as parallel with the entry and on the diagonal, there are actually a couple of other options as well. Use small square tiles mixed with your larger square tiles, or choose a pinwheel tile flooring pattern. This is a great way to make a budget friendly tile floor look more expensive, and it won’t add much to your installation costs.

Room Size

Although almost any tile flooring pattern will work for any room, you should consider the size of the tile and the size of the room when deciding on your flooring. Your flooring company may make recommendations. For example, if you have rectangular tile and a small room, you could install it so the long side of the tile is perpendicular to the entry to make the room feel deeper. Installation of square tiles on the diagonal can do the same. A small room with a herringbone or chevron pattern may make a room feel too busy; however, in a larger space this may help to create visual interest.


The two main factors that go into any flooring quote are the amount of tile and the estimated time for installation. The more complicated the tile flooring pattern, the more time it takes for the installers. When this is the case, the cost may increase. More intricate patterns also require more tile, sometimes called overage, as well.

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