Three Reasons to Hire a Professional to Refinish Your Wood Floors

Floor Refinishing 071321There are many home maintenance projects that you may enjoy taking care of for yourself. Things like caulking your windows and replacing weather stripping around your doors are often simple and doable by the average homeowner. They require just a few tools and the help of a how-to video or two. However, refinishing wood floors can be very difficult and time-consuming. It is not a project for everyone. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional.

1. There is a High Level of Difficulty

Home improvement shows and even some DIY videos from big box hardware stores can make wood floor refinishing look easy. But this can be misleading.  You will want to remember that employees at professional wood floor refinishing companies undergo a significant amount of training. Even new employees are working with others who have a lot of experience. Though you may watch a video or receive a quick crash course from an employee at a big box store, this isn’t the same quality of training or experience a professional will have. This will show in the final results. Also, if you have to rent equipment to get the job done, keep in mind that this equipment may not be the same quality of equipment used by professionals. Rental equipment can be hard to maintain. The majority of users are unfamiliar with the equipment and may not have used it properly. Professionals, however, know how to use the equipment and are often more diligent in its maintenance.

2. Time

There are many steps involved in wood floor refinishing. Many people only realize the obvious: sanding and staining. But there are quite a few steps to keep in mind beyond these two. Have you remembered to remove the baseboards? What about the clean-up in between layers that need to be removed? Also consider the grit of sandpaper on the sander and when this needs to be changed. Many people may rent an orbital sander to complete the job, but this tool isn’t sufficient for corners. Also keep in mind that, after you’ve sanded the floors down to where you want them, you’ll need to clean a final time. Only then can you begin the staining and finishing process. Professionals are familiar with all of these steps and more. Not only that, they have an entire team of experienced individuals who know exactly what needs to happen in order to keep the project moving along at an efficient pace without sacrificing quality.

3. You Want a Beautiful Finish

Finishing touches are what make any project pop. This is true even when it comes to the finish on wood floors. Whether you have real hardwood or engineered wood, when you refinish them, you want them to look beautiful. Choosing the right color of stain for your species of wood flooring is important, as is applying the stain evenly. Using the appropriate sheen for your project is also necessary. There are many details that need to be included as you wrap up your wood floor refinishing project. A professional knows what these details are and is competent to carry them out.

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