When Engineered Wood Flooring Is a Good Option

Engineered Wood Flooring 121321Although we offer many flooring products, we haven’t spent a lot of time talking about engineered wood flooring recently. Some people classify it as hardwood flooring. Others put it into a synthetic flooring material category. However, engineered wood flooring is not entirely either of those. It is in a category all of its own and may be a flooring option you should consider.

Almost All Engineered Wood Flooring Products are Pre-finished

There are several pros when it comes to using a pre-finished product like engineered wood flooring. The time you’re displaced from your home for installation is less than that required for the installation of most hardwood flooring. There’s virtually no lingering odor like you may have when we stain and finish your flooring in your home. Pre-finished products generally have a more durable finish than wood floors finished in your home. And because the top layer is real wood, it can be refinished once it’s time.

It Tends to Be Easier on the Budget

If you want wood floors but hardwood is out of your budget, there are many quality engineered wood flooring products that you can consider. If you choose a quality product, you will still be able to refinish it at least one time, but likely more. In fact, you may find that a quality engineered wood flooring product is also more budget friendly than large format tile or luxury vinyl flooring.

No Manmade Product Can Compare to the Look of Actual Wood

Because the top layer of this type of flooring is real wood, you get all the beauty that you would in a true hardwood. Whether you opt for an oak, pine or other wood species, you’ll still have all the unique grain patterns you would in a true hardwood floor.

Still Unsure of the Right Flooring Product for Your Home?

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