Protect Your New Wood Floor Installation

New Wood Floor Installation 020722If you’ve chosen new wood flooring for your home, we recommend making a plan for how you will protect your floors prior to installation day. Based on your specific flooring and finish, there are recommendations tailored to your situation. This could include considerations such as the amount of time you will want to allow the finish to cure before you walk on the flooring. It may also include a recommendation regarding when you should move in your furniture or area rugs. You may also be provided with information about what you should do to protect your new wood flooring. We recommend purchasing some items to protect your flooring before the work to install it begins.

Having a Plan to Protect Your New Floors

Many homeowners replace their carpeting or tile with a new wood floor installation. They may not consider the existing furniture which may damage the new flooring. Wooden or metal furniture feet should not sit directly on wood floors. However, you can plan ahead to make sure this doesn’t happen in your home. Purchase felt-backed coasters or stick-on felt pieces to place on your existing furniture. This will help to protect wood flooring. Ordering these items ahead of time will ensure that you don’t accidentally scratch your flooring days after the new wood floor installation.

If you’re planning on putting area rugs on top of the floors, remember that you may need to wait a few days or weeks before placing them on your new flooring. The length of time you will need to wait will depend on the type of finish you chose for your new flooring. Also, make sure you have the right kind of rug pad. Never use sticker, latex, vinyl or plastic non-ventilated rug pads. Many rubber pads, including the rubber ones that look like checkerboards and marketed as “non-skid rug pads,” could damage your flooring. For quality rug pad recommendations, ask your wood floor installation company.

Additionally, set up a space for your pets away from the new flooring to use after installation. If you are able, keep them off of the new flooring until it is completely dry. If you aren’t able to keep pets off the new flooring, consider trimming their nails to avoid scratches and dents.

Lastly, talk to your flooring company about the height of your new floors. If the new floors are even slightly higher than your old flooring, modifications may be needed. For example, you may need to trim or sand a bit off the bottom of your doors so that they are able to open and close freely without scratching your floors.

Looking for a New Wood Floor Installation Company? Call Seer Flooring

Although some of these tips may apply to many types of flooring installations, new wood floors are the most delicate in the early days. Proper planning will help the finish continue to look great for years to come. If you are looking for a flooring company for a new wood floor installation, call Seer Flooring at (727) 469-7963 or fill out our contact form today. We service the greater Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Sarasota areas from our local offices.