Can a Flooring Company Add to My Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood Floors 011722Whether you would like to update your current home or you recently purchased a home that you would like to modify, extending existing hardwood flooring may be an option. Perhaps the previous owner had hardwood floors in the entryway and living room and you’d like it throughout the home. A skilled flooring company may be able to make that happen without needing to replace all the flooring. However, there are some things you’ll want to know before beginning the project.

There are Many Variables

Even if you know which wood species was used in your home, simply using the same species is not always a viable solution. For example, in the white oak category, there are nine species that can be sold as “white oak.” Each of these will differ in grain pattern and tone. And this isn’t unique to white oak. Several types of wood require the same consideration.

Another variable is the board width, length and height. Depending on the age of your flooring, the boards may be anywhere from two to six inches wide. Some flooring is the same length while others are mixed length. Mixed length flooring is more common today. Your flooring company can always make boards shorter if necessary but this can cause you to spend more on materials.

You will also want to consider the board height. This must be a very close match.

Existing Hardwood Floors Will Likely Need to Be Refinished

When extending existing hardwood flooring, it is likely the original flooring will need to be refinished so it will match your new flooring more closely. This applies even if the flooring and finish is in good condition. This is because your floors fade and age from the moment they’re installed. Stripping your existing flooring to bare wood is one of the best ways to bring continuity to your flooring.

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