Best Flooring Materials in Florida

Florida home and flooring materials

Whether you’re a new Florida resident or have been here for decades, you may be wondering what the best flooring is for your home. Rather than looking for the best, we recommend you look for the right flooring. That will vary depending on:

  • Your family
  • Lifestyle
  • The room you need new floors
  • Your budget
  • Décor style

Here are some things to think about as you do your research for new flooring.

Your Family & Lifestyle

Those of us with kids and pets know that accidents happen. Whether it’s Fido who doesn’t make it out in time or a kid who drops their drink, you need flooring that’s easy to clean and won’t stain. Depending on the size and quantity of your pets and age of your kids, you may also need something that will resist scratching. If you entertain frequently or have a pool right outside, you may want something that’s water resistant or waterproof.

For busy families with kids and pets who need durable, stain and scratch resistant flooring, most find that the best flooring for them is a luxury vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tile. Certain hardwoods or engineered wood floors higher on the Janka hardness scale may also be a good option if your budget allows for Brazilian Cherry or Walnut, Hickory or Maple. Tile is an option as well, but you’ll want to choose a dark grout to avoid staining.


A home on the beach will have more sand (and likely water) in it than a home further inland. Because of that, you want something both scratch resistant and water resistant. If you have an historic home in downtown Tampa, you should consider installing the same type of flooring in the home when it was built originally. That may mean hardwood or tile. If it had linoleum, consider a luxury vinyl tile for a more durable product with a similar look.

The Room Itself

Rarely is there a right or wrong flooring product for any room, except a bathroom with a shower or laundry room. For those often-wet space, the best flooring truly is tile. Although many people think that kitchens need tile as well, some find tile hard on their knees and backs, so they don’t want it in the kitchen. You can choose anything that works for your home and style in any room. If you are re-flooring a smaller condo and want just one product, consider a luxury vinyl or tile. Hardwood works in any style home and can be finished many ways.

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