A Bathroom Remodel is More Than What You See

behind the walls of a bathroom remodel

When we ask a homeowner why they’re calling bathroom remodelers for new bathroom estimates, most of the time they say they want a great looking space. They may say they want a modern looking space. Few ever say they want a new bathroom that’s going to last. However, because a bathroom remodel is an investment, you want it done right and for everything to work as it should for decades. For the end result to be a great looking, functioning and long-lasting space, you need more than just a surface makeover. The best way to achieve this is by hiring bathroom remodelers who includes Schluter® Systems in their remodels.

Why Not Greenboard, Redgard, or Cement Board?

Neither Greenboard nor Redgard are waterproof. Too many bathroom remodelers utilize these in their shower construction. Although it may be within code, it is not going to serve you well for the long run. The tens of thousands of gallons of water that a shower sees every year leads to products that aren’t completely waterproof breaking down. Both of these products are only water resistant. That makes them an okay choice for a kitchen or laundry room backsplash but never for a shower.

Cement board is a better option utilized by some remodeling companies, but it has its drawbacks. Most brands are not advertised as waterproof, but rather water durable. You can still end up with breakdown and mold over time. Additionally, it’s very heavy, which may mean extra manpower during installation. Cutting it to size also takes time and creates a great deal of dust. Not to mention the time the installation process requires.

What Makes a Schluter System Bathroom Remodel Better?

First, and most importantly, all their products, when properly installed by a Schluter certified installer, are fully bonded and watertight. That means no mold or product deterioration. Even when a home settles, the flooring and shower installed over a Schluter system won’t leak. Because their products are made to last, you won’t need another bathroom remodel due to moisture damage, mildew or mold. And installation creates no dust and is easier and faster than utilizing one of the other options.

Why Pay More for a Schulter System?

It’s true that a bathroom remodel estimate for a bathroom with a Schluter System compared with one utilizing cement board are not the same. The Schluter System’s materials cost more, however, installation costs are lower.  The return on investment can be seen in the life of your bathroom. The Schluter System prevents cracked grout which is a leading cause of water damage in bathrooms. When your grout remains intact, you won’t need to repair it, saving you money. This is because their systems separate the subfloor (often the slab in homes throughout Florida) from the tile. This allows the home to settle or move without cracking grout or even tile.

Looking for Bathroom Remodelers? Call Seer Flooring

We utilize the Schluter System for both bathroom flooring and tiled walls in our remodels. And, as flooring experts, you can be assured that our tile flooring installation will look great in addition to having a long life. Call us today for your free quote at (727) 469-7963 or fill out our contact form.