Best Commercial Flooring for Home Goods Stores

owner with a tablet considering flooring in a home goods store

Unlike decades ago, when retail space flooring was almost always square vinyl tiles, today you have many options. However, home goods stores have different needs and audiences than some other retail establishments. That means the right commercial flooring depends very much on the image you’re looking to portray, your budget, and how much maintenance you’re willing to do. As a commercial flooring company, we have put together some options you may want to consider.


Although hardwood floors aren’t the right retail space flooring for everyone, they are a great option if you are an upscale home goods store. Hardwood floors will help homeowners better picture how a piece may look in their home where it’s common to have hardwood flooring. They will also add to the image you’re looking to portray. Wood flooring is easy to stand and walk on, which is something you may want to consider for your sales team. However, hardwood flooring requires more maintenance and care than many other commercial flooring options. It is also more easily damaged, which should be a consideration if you’ll be moving displays and furniture frequently. If dented or scratched, it can be repaired but may not look exactly the same.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Commercial grade luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) comes in many options, including that which looks like real hardwood. With quality, waterproof brands, cleaning and maintenance can be easier. LVF is more budget friendly for both materials and installation than most of the products it mimics. Like hardwood, it is fairly easy to stand on for long periods. If you plan on laying carpet to create rooms in your home goods store, be aware of the backing as some can discolor certain types of LVF which could make it hard for you to reconfigure the space later on.

Vinyl Composition Tile

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) is still an option chosen by many home goods stores. It is a great option in that it’s affordable, durable, waterproof and comes in many options. If you are a large home goods store and want something that will last and is easy to clean, VCT may be the right commercial flooring for you. However, it’s not as comfortable to stand or walk on as LVF or wood. It will withstand heavy traffic and moving displays won’t be an issue.

Just Keep Your Concrete Floors

Some businesses choose to go for the rustic look and keep their concrete flooring. Although that is an option, it does have drawbacks. First, cracks and imperfections can lead to tripping hazards. Second, they do nothing to add to your brand or image. Finally, it’s very hard on feet, legs and back for both your staff and customers. Admittedly, it’s budget friendly and there is little you can do to damage it. Some home goods stores add epoxy with texture which hides the imperfections and reduces slip hazards. However, that doesn’t do much for enhancing your image or comfort.

Call Seer Flooring For Retail Space Flooring

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