What Your Flooring Says About Your Business

commercial flooring in an open office setting

As you and your designer work together remodeling or designing your business’s interior, eventually you’ll discuss flooring. As a commercial flooring installer who has worked with designers, we know that the right flooring can add to the feeling or ambiance of any business. However, since it serves a purpose, not only does the material matter, but the color and style also need careful consideration.

Warm & Inviting

One of our favorite designers told us that there are two very different directions a business can go when they want to project a warm and inviting feeling. First, is carpet. Carpet feels good underfoot. It also helps reduce noise. Second is wood or wood-look flooring, if you choose the right color and finish. They suggest, you want warm tones and a matte finish if you want a soothing and tranquil feeling. With today’s manufacturing options, wood-look flooring can mean anything from tile or luxury vinyl flooring to hardwood, engineered wood, and even laminate floors.

Clean & Sanitary

Although you may first think of a medical facility, there are many types of businesses that want their space to feel clean. If you want your customers to feel comfortable with the cleanliness of your space, you want flooring that’s easy to clean and looks clean, even at the end of the day. Some commercial flooring installers first recommend tile. However, grout lines quickly look dirty. Instead, consider vinyl composite flooring if you have a tight budget. If you want warm, inviting and clean, consider luxury vinyl flooring as it is easy to clean and doesn’t have potentially dirty grout lines. Most quality brands are just as waterproof as traditional tile.

Strong & Reliable

There are two very different ways to portray strength and reliability through your flooring. One is natural stone. Stone by its very nature is strong. Many businesses use rocks in their logo because they reflect strength and that they’re always there for you. If stone isn’t right for your business, consider wood flooring. You can find centuries old hardwood flooring still in use today. If you do choose wood, make sure that the commercial flooring installer you choose has experience with wood flooring and properly acclimates your flooring and lays the right type of underlayment.

Seer Flooring Can Help You Choose the Right Flooring for Your Image

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