Holiday Help for Your Hardwood Floors

With all the entertaining, new toys, and guests in and out over the holidays your hardwood floors may have taken some punishment. If you don’t need a hardwood floor refinishing company to re-do all your flooring but have a few issues that need attention, today’s blog will help. Before you start any of these DIY […]

Simple Hardwood Flooring Preventative Maintenance Tips

Preventative maintenance isn’t just for your car, your home needs it too. Many homeowners know to have regular maintenance performed on their HVAC system and often perform preventative maintenance to their roof, but what about hardwood flooring? Do you know that by following these simple preventative maintenance tips you can extend the time between refinishing […]

How to Clean Your Hardwood Flooring

After virtually every hardwood flooring installation or refinishing, we’re asked the question, “What’s the best way to clean my hardwood floors?” Our most common answer is, “Less is more.”  Of course we do want to help you keep your hardwood flooring beautiful for as long as possible so here are our recommendations. Step 1: Before […]