Tips for Protecting Hardwood Flooring During the Holidays

hardwood floor protection holidays

If you have engineered or hardwood flooring, you want to keep them looking great. During the holidays, we tend to have more than just our own household coming and going, and that means a lot more traffic on your floors. Our immediate family often comes in through the garage and takes their shoes off (which […]

Why Do My Floors Squeak?

Why Do My Floors Squeak?

And how can we fix them? As a flooring installation company, you wouldn’t believe how many times we’re asked these two questions together. It’s not uncommon for floors to squeak and it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong. Wood floors that only squeak during the winter are likely just because they’ve shrunk a bit in […]

How to Clean Your Hardwood Flooring

After virtually every hardwood flooring installation or refinishing, we’re asked the question, “What’s the best way to clean my hardwood floors?” Our most common answer is, “Less is more.”  Of course we do want to help you keep your hardwood flooring beautiful for as long as possible so here are our recommendations. Step 1: Before […]

Uncovering Hardwood Floors

So you bought an older home and discovered that under the old carpet was a hardwood floor. Perhaps it’s not in good shape and the carpet tack strips have been attached and there are visible scratches, what are your options? Get a Professional Assessment The team at Seer Flooring has seen it all when it […]