Preventing Moisture Damage on Wood Floors

We’ve all seen a wood floor that’s been damaged by a burst pipe or other water source. When that water is on the floor for a period of time, the finish is often destroyed and the wood itself warps. What many homeowners aren’t aware of until it happens to them is when their wood floor appears to have water damage but they know that there wasn’t a leak or spill left unattended.

How Can Water Damage Occur to My Wood Floor Without Visible Water?

When a home is built on a concrete slab, that slab sits directly on the soil or sand. In over half of Florida homes built directly on a slab foundation, the moisture level is too high. This often happens when the construction site was too wet or inadequate sub slab moisture protection was applied. Then the ground moisture can be absorbed into the concrete and come up into your home causing warping and splitting of your hardwood flooring.

What are the Dangers of Moisture from My Foundation?

Long before you see any visible damage to your wood flooring, you may have mold growing between the wood and your concrete slab. Usually after this happens is when the wood planks begin to warp or lift.

What Can be Done?

Many homeowners blame their installer for the warped floorboards, which is in part where the blame should lie. However, a good installer, like Seer Flooring, will do a moisture reading before installing your new wood floors. If the reading is above acceptable levels, they will recommend a two part epoxy and primer seal before installing your new hardwood floors. This will provide a barrier to prevent the moisture from penetrating the wood and causing warping or other damage from the ground up.

If you are already experiencing this sort of damage to your hardwood floors, contact Seer Flooring and we will advise you as to the root of the problem and work to find a solution to either repair or reinstall your them. Our experienced team has worked with many homeowners throughout Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco counties with this same issue so we know the signs and know how to fix and prevent further issues. Call today for your free evaluation 727-785-1930.