The Pros and Cons of Wood Plank Tile Flooring

The look of real hardwood floors is becoming increasingly popular but some homeowners are hesitant to install hardwood in their home for one reason or another. Because of this, wood plank tiles have become a popular choice among Florida homeowners. In today’s blog we’re going to look at the pros and cons of wood plank tile flooring.


  • Durability – wood plank tiles are much more resistant to scratches than real hardwood flooring.
  • Ease of Maintenance – because there is no refinishing process needed for any type of tile floors, likely it will last until you are ready for a new look.
  • Customizable – if you are looking to create visual interest in your floors, wood plank tile manufacturers often offer a variety of colors in the same pattern.
  • Affordability – there is a large selection of wood plank tiles that cost less than real hardwood flooring. Additionally, with less maintenance comes less cost over the life of the flooring
  • Stand up well to water – tile flooring always stands up better to water than wood floors.


  • It’s loud – tile flooring of all types is louder when you walk on it than wood, laminate, or carpet.
  • It’s hard – if you’ve ever stood on tile flooring for a long period of time, you know it’s a hard surface. It’s not nearly as forgiving to dropped dishes or cell phones as other types of flooring.
  • The grout – no matter how close the wood plank tiles are laid, there is grout in between the tiles. If you don’t choose an experienced tile installation company, you won’t be pleased with the results.
  • They crack – tile flooring, no matter what style, are prone to chips and cracks, especially with settling that occurs in newer homes. As long as you have a few extras on hand, it’s not an issue to replace one tile, but it does happen.
  • Installation – depending upon the size of the tile you choose, the installation can be very labor intensive and what you may have saved in the cost of product, you may spend in installation.

Whether you ultimately end up choosing real hardwood floors or wood plank tiles, we invite you to call Seer Flooring for a professional consultation and estimate. 727-785-1930