Understanding Wood Floor Warranties

Many flooring companies in Tampa offer warranties on the flooring they sell. But what does that warranty really cover? What isn’t covered? It’s hard to compare apples to apples when you’re considering having engineered wood floors or hardwood installed. Here are a few guidelines to help you understand the warranties you may see.

Structural Warranty

Structural warranties apply to both engineered wood floors and hardwood flooring. The structural warranty speaks to the actual structure of the floor in that it has been properly milled, dried or kilned, and in the case of engineered wood floors, laminated. The structural warranty is one that protects the owner against warping, splitting, and in the case of engineered wood, delamination.

Every warranty has fine print. The most common fine print in the case of the structural warranty is that it must be installed in accordance to manufacturer instructions. Sometimes a proper maintenance clause is included. You’ll also want to compare the different flooring and determine if the warranty covers the removal of the damaged floor and installation of the new flooring. There are many variations of what is covered when there is warranty work to be done.

Finish Warranty

A finish warranty is most common on engineered wood flooring although some pre-finished hardwood floors may also have a finish warranty. It covers the finish and guarantees that under normal circumstances, the finish will last a pre-determined amount of time. No manufacturer will warranty against damage from pets, high heels, moisture, cleaning products, or furniture divots.

No warranty covers everything when it comes to hardwood and engineered wood floors. Your flooring installation company will have their own warranty on their workmanship. You will see many exclusions in their warranties as well like natural expansion and contraction of hardwood floor boards. Other exclusions may include moisture, sunlight, and rubber mats/carpet pads, all of which can discolor your wood flooring.

Our best advice is to understand that although wood flooring can last a lifetime, it requires proper professional installation, care, and maintenance. By choosing a reliable and professional flooring installation company in Tampa, like Seer Flooring, you can ensure you’re getting the floor installed as the manufacturer intended. Call us today for your free quote – 727-785-1930.