Hardwood Flooring Challenges in Florida

So many homeowners love the look of real hardwood floors and choose them for their homes. Sadly, we are called in for hardwood floor refinishing in Florida often much sooner than one would expect because of preventable damage.

Challenge #1 – Sand

Sand is a fact of life for most of us in Florida. Even if you’re not near the beach, chances are good that in your day to day lives you walk in sand and bring it home on your shoes. Sand is no friend to hardwood flooring. Have you ever looked at grains of sand under a microscope? That soft sand you feel has very rough and angular edges, perfect for scratching floors. Make sure that you have a mat at each entryway to wipe the sand from your shoes or better yet, remove them before you come in your house. Although we don’t generally see the scratches from sand, if you’re noticing your floors are duller than they were, chances are good that the sand has left microscopic scratches over time resulting in a dull appearance.

Challenge #2 – Water

With our sudden downpours, swimming pools, and beaches, water is a big part of our lives but a big enemy to your floors. When you or your kids come in the house from the pool or beach, make sure they’re not dripping on the floor. Although you may quickly wipe up the puddle, chances are good that water already seeped down into the floor seams. Same goes for when we come in with wet shoes or dripping from the rain. Not only will you require hardwood floor refinishing sooner but the refinishing process may include replacing warped or water damaged boards and underlayment.

Challenge #3 – Pets

We love our pets, but between their paws bringing in both sand and water and their claws, your hardwood is going to suffer. This is perhaps the most difficult challenge to overcome but with a little work, you can prevent pet damage. The mat at the entryway will help get some of the dirt and water off your pet’s feet and if you keep their nails trimmed you’ll go a long way in preventing noticeable scratches in your floors.

No matter what challenges your floors have faced over the years, Seer Flooring can help with wood floor refinishing in Florida. We will come to your home and make recommendations as to the best process for refinishing and provide you with a no obligation quote. Give us a call today at 727-785-1930.