Five Questions to Ask before Hiring a Wood Floor Installation Service

It’s fairly obvious that the same brands of wood flooring can be purchased from different flooring companies in Tampa. So, how do you know which wood floor installation service to purchase your flooring from and to trust with your wood flooring? Here are five questions you should ask every flooring company you consider for your wood floor installation.

Do You Have Insurance?

Any time you hire a contractor to do work in your home they should have both liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Ask to see the insurance certificate and write down the agency’s name and number. Call to verify they carry both types of insurance. This protects you and your home from a lawsuit if one of their workers is injured in your home.

What Warranty do You Offer?

Most wood floor installation companies offer two types of warranties; the manufacturer warranty and an installation warranty. Most manufacturer warranties are the same as long as a certified flooring company is doing the installation. What varies from company to company is their workmanship warranty. Make sure that the workmanship warranty is included as part of the contract and lasts at least one year.

Will You Acclimate my Wood?

Any good wood flooring installation service will not compromise on this step. Acclimating your wood to your home prior to installation ensures the best fit and finish. Don’t choose a contractor who claims their warehouse is the right place to acclimate your wood. It should only be done in your home.

Can you Handle any Subfloor Issues?

When a flooring company comes to your home and provides an estimate for wood floor installation service, most are assuming that the subfloor is in good shape. If you suspect that there may be subfloor issues in your home, ask how they will handle it. Do they have the experience and technicians to fix your subfloor? Will they need to use a subcontractor? How might that delay the project?

Is New Trim and Molding Included in this Estimate?

Most wood floor installation companies will replace the trim and molding in your home when asked but some include new trim and molding as part of their estimate. This is a matter of personal choice. If your current trim is old and dented or won’t look good with the new flooring, ask for it to be included. If your molding needs replacing, ask for that at the time of your quote. Be sure that they can and will replace any molding they break when they remove your current flooring.

Every wood floor installation company has different timelines, warranties, and services offered. Be sure that the flooring company you choose can provide you with the services you need. Seer Flooring is a locally owned flooring company in Palm  Harbor so we are able to offer a variety of services based on your needs. Talk to us about what you’re looking for regarding your wood floor installation service and we’ll tell you how we can best meet your needs. Call today for a free in home estimate (727) 785-1930.