Refinishing Your Floor with a Distressed Look

If you have engineered or hardwood flooring in your home, chances are good that at some point you’re going to need to refinish it. If you choose to make a big change to your flooring as distressing is, the process is very different from traditional refinishing. Some homeowners request distressed wood floors to suit the décor, age, and style of the home. Another common reason for distressing your wood floors is because of multiple imperfections in the flooring but you don’t want to replace it. Keep in mind that this vintage look is a labor-intensive process that takes time.

Distressing Engineered Wood Floors

Distressing engineered wood flooring is a more delicate process than real wood. Because the wear layer has a limited thickness, most distressing is done with paint and stain rather than tools. The distressed look can be customized by using different base paint layers and different color stains. Once the base layer is dry, light sanding is done to different areas of the floor to remove the paint and expose the wood. The stain affixes to the wood creating a darker area while the painted areas take much less stain. The extent of the effect is determined by the contrast between the paint and stain and the amount of sanding done after painting.

Distressing Hardwood Flooring

The same process can be used to distress real hardwood floors as engineered wood floors but you have other options as well. Because real hardwood flooring is solid wood, many homeowners want the worn look of scratches, gouges, and indentations. Generally, the refinishing process will start with a complete sanding. From there, imperfections are made intentionally in the wood. Different tools that can be used include wire brushes, round mallets, a meat tenderizer, putty knife, and metal chains. Some homeowners whose floors already have scratches from pets let them run on the sanded flooring to add to the look. Another option for distressing includes using chemicals or heat sources to burn the wood. Once the amount of distressing is complete, stain and topcoat are applied.

No matter what type of wood floor you have there are many different distressing techniques that create different looks. You and your wood floor refinishing company should have a detailed conversation about what you want the finished product to look like because once the distressing is completed, there is no restoration back to smooth new looking floors.

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